Talent Inventory


Discerning Your Talents, Gifts/Charisms

The spiritual term for identifying your gifts and determining how they can be best used to serve others is "discernment." Discernment comes from a Latin word meaning "to sift through."

Discernment takes time, prayer and reflection. Make time to be quiet and ask the Holy Spirit to help you recognize your gifts and talents. Then ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are my talents?
  2. What skills have I developed?
  3. When people compliment me, what do they recognize?
  4. What activities energize me?
  5. What difficulties have I overcome? What have I learned from those trails?
  6. What activities in my life have been especially fruitful?

If you know your talents, gifts/charisms and you would like to share them with others at St. Vincent de Paul and around our community, complete the Talents, Gifts/Charisms Inventory and mail or email to the parish office. Need assistance, contact Kay Buhrman, Pastoral Minister – buhrmank@svdpomaha.org or 402-496-7988 x.239. Completing this inventory does not obligate you to a particular ministry or even to volunteer at our parish, but it does help us best match your gifts with the needs at St. Vincent de Paul. You may also want to view our Parish Volunteer Opportunities featuring a multitude of ways to get involved!