Pastoral Ministry - Need Help

At St. Vincent de Paul, we offer:

For the sick and homebound - Visits to hospitals by a priest, deacon or Eucharistic Minister. Please contact the parish directly to ensure we are notified.

Sacrament of Anointing Mass - Saturday, October 15 at 10:00 am in Church. Reception to follow - click here for more details!

Visits to the homebound by an EMHC who brings Communion on a regular basis.

Prayer by fellow members of our parish family who offer spiritual assistance during a surgery, recovery, difficult time or for a special intention through our Prayer Line and Ministry of Praise.

Meals brought to your home by a Helping Hands volunteer during a medical situation.

Individuals or families in crisis -

Our parish chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society provides help to those within our parish boundaries in times of emergency with financial or other needs. Community and agency referrals are available.

Grief Support - Visit our section on Grief Support for resources.

Aiding those whose relationships have been affected by pornography and sexual addiction: