The Courtyard


The Courtyard provides a special and unique atmosphere for the parish family to come together as a faith community.

Our Courtyard is dedicated to children and is designed primarly for standing and any outdoor liturgical event.

A bench with a life-size statue of Jesus as a seven-year-old child provides some seating.

Also in the Courtyard you will see an outdoor Ambo that is used for special ocassions.




The Nave & Sanctuary


The main area for worship is called the Nave.

Taken from the Latin word navis (boat), its ceiling resembles the interior of a ship's hull. The Catholic Church is often referred to as the "Barque of Peter," meaning the boat of Peter the Fisher of Men.

The four central columns represent the evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Suspended direcly above the Altar is the Crucifix where Christ empied Himself for our sakes. Directly below the Crucifix is where the Sacrifical Meal is offered, the Altar.

The Narthex


The Narthex is the main hospitality area of the church.

In the center of the room stands the Hospitality Table representing the community. Here bread and wine are placed symbolic of everyone participating in the liturgy.

The Catafalque on the left is recessed in the back wall of the Narthex on axis with the Baptistry and the Altar. The bodies of deceased parishioners may be brought here for the vigil. This place is a reminder that the dead are a part of the community of the living and its worship.

Outer Door